Sex tips you can learn from Kamasutra

Sex tips you can learn from Kamasutra
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Sex is perhaps the first word that comes to your mind when someone mentions Kamasutra. But did you know that Kamasutra emphasised on women sex education? Will you be surprised if we inform you that Kamasutra instructed women to climax first? Yes, the masterpiece is more than just a manual on sex positions. We bring to you seven lessons from Kamasutra that will change your perception about sex and you would look at love making differently:

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​Size of your penis determines if you are a bull or a hare

Yes, you heard it right, size does matter. According to Kamasutra, you could be a raging bull, an energetic horse or a timid hare as per the size of your penis. However, this classification can help a man and a woman enjoy a great sexual experience by finding compatible partners based on the size of their sexual organsm.

​Size of your penis determines if you are a bull or a hare (via The Penis Enlargement)

​Be a kiss-plorer

There is a difference between kissing and kissing the right way. Confused? Let Kamasutra teach you the three ways of kissing women - the brushing kiss, the throbbing kiss and the measured kiss,. The book says that you should not restrict your kisses to her lips only. Explore and do not hesitate to kiss the hair, chest, forehead, breasts, mouth, clitoris and the inside of the mouth.

​Ladies first, please

The book not only recommends that a woman should climax first, but it also suggests different ways to give your woman multiple orgasms. It further explains that a woman should continue to pleasure her man even after getting an orgasm because, unlike a man, a woman can still be active after a climax.

​Let the woman learn about sex (via The Cheat Sheet)

​Let the woman learn about sex

Kamasutra says that a woman should read the book before marriage so that she could manage her life with her husband without any hiccups. Knowledge of the book will add to her allure which will make her feel more desirable.

​The art of wooing and approaching a woman

Kamasutra is not about just sex positions - the book has some detailed knowledge on how to talk and woo a woman. This is an art which is very difficult to master. But thankfully, you can start the right conversation with the help of Kamasutra. Tip from Kamasutra: A man can start with touching the shoulder of a woman to express desire. Wait and watch is she reciprocates.

​The pleasure of scratching your man

​The pleasure of scratching your man (via Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls Fallsview)

This is strictly for women. Kamasutra suggests eight varieties of scratch--circle, line, tiger’s claw, discus, half-moon, hare’s leap, lotus leap and peacock’s foot. Scratching your partner’s back or his thighs during the act intensifies passion. The man can reciprocate by biting the woman during moments of extreme pleasure.

​Healthy life for great sex

The book emphasises on leading a healthy life because satisfying sexual relationship is not possible without it. Kamasutra also suggests that a man must shave not only his face but also other parts of his body to maintain good personal hygiene. It further advocates hygiene and cleanliness in daily life and surroundings—how couples should live in a well-ventilated house with ample sunlight, take baths regularly and brush their teeth.

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