Here’s why sometimes a woman breaks up with you even when she's in love!

Here’s why sometimes a woman breaks up with you even when she's in love!
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To fall in love is difficult and to cease loving someone is even harder. So why would anyone leave a person, he or she might be in love with? Life would have been very easy if the answer to this question were that simple! But love works in mysterious ways which even the smartest of us fail to understand. The reason may be many: sexual incompatibility, emotional unavailability and what not. It’s impossible to fathom.

All said and done, it’s true that women do leave the men they love. Here are some reasons that might force her to walk out of the relationship despite being in love with her partner.

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Being taken for granted

No woman would ever like to be taken for granted in a relationship. It makes her feel that she holds no importance in her man’s life and even her strongest feelings would start to dwindle once this realisation sinks in. This trait is quite detrimental for the relationship and no matter how much she’s in love with her significant other, the thought of walking out will surely cross her mind.

Being taken for granted in a relationship (via Verily Magazine)

​Not spending quality time together

This is one of the most common reasons why women leave their partners despite having intense feelings for them. A relationship starts dying slowly when there is lack of communication between the partners. Every woman needs a shoulder to lean on after a hectic day, and someone to simply ask, “How was your day?”. Is it too much to ask for?

​Sex is no longer out of love

For woman, sex is more than just a physical need. It is actually ‘love making’ for them and a way to feel being loved by their partner. Once she starts to sense that there is no emotion left whenever they hit the bed and he’s simply having it to destress himself, it surely starts denting her feelings. Sex for many women is like chicken soup—a warm and comforting soul food for her emotions. When you crave for a bowl of creamy chicken soup, will you be happy if someone serves bowl rich gravy-laden baked chicken?

Sex is no longer out of love (via

​He turns selfish and secretive

This point needs no elaboration. A healthy relationship is all about being honest with your partner and loving them unconditionally. Despite having a sea of emotions for her man, a woman will break free from the relationship if her partner is mean with her, and starts keeping secrets from her. No matter how small it might be, when a partner keeps things to himself, any one is bound to get hurt. Remember, to be partners in crime you need to know what crimes your partner is committing!

Being compared to other women

A man may not realise, but comparing your partner with another woman can do irreparable damage to the relationship. Firstly, nobody likes being compared to anyone, not even men. And comparing her with others can even damage her self-esteem and make her take the extreme step.

Comparing your partner with another woman can do irreparable damage to the relationship (via The Modern Day Girlfriend)

​Appreciation at the right time

Appreciating her from time to time does no harm to anyone, right? A woman happily manages all the house hold chores, juggles kitchen and office work and never hesitates to embrace her partner with a warm smile when they meet after a hectic day. But if she isn’t appreciated for all the efforts she puts in to make the relationship worthwhile, it is bound to eventually bog her down, and it would not be a surprise if she toys with the idea of breaking free from the relationship.

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